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How does a personal line of credit work?

With a personal line of credit, you have control over your Line of Credit. Withdraw only what you need, knowing that if you need more, you have access to your credit line. Instead of applying each time you need cash, you have a line of credit that you cannot exceed. Simply withdraw the amount you need and pay according to the Line of Credit agreement. If you decide you need more, you will be able to withdraw the needed amount up to your credit limit.

What if I miss a payment?

The terms outlined in your Line of Credit agreement should give all necessary information about late or missed payments. Please note that additional fees and interest may apply for late or missed payments. In addition, your ability to withdraw more funds may be limited or unavailable if your account is not in good standing.

When will I have access to my funds?

In most cases, the Line of Credit can be deposited in your bank account the following business day.

Is a personal line of credit right for me?

While a traditional loan may be good for a one time need, a personal line of credit can help people who may have multiple instances of needing to obtain a Line of Credit, who may not know the exact amount they will need, or just feel that a personal line of credit is more convenient. As with all Line of Credits, it is important not to take out more than you are able to repay within a short period of time. Please keep in mind that you will be charged interest on any funds that you have withdrawn.

What are the requirements?

Lenders typically have their own requirements. However, basic requirements include the following:

  • US Citizen
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Have a regular source of income
  • Have a bank account, preferably with direct deposit

How much can I borrow?

Credit lines up to $5,000 are available. However, this may not be available to everyone. The only way to know how much is available to you is by submitting your information through our short, easy to follow form.