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Fees and Interest

There is no charge for our services. The lender is required by federal law to present to you the terms of the Line of Credit, the rates and all costs associated with the Line of Credit prior to your executing the Line of Credit documents. Please review these carefully. At no time are you required to enter into a Line of Credit that you do not understand the terms, costs and rates or any other part of the Line of Credit documents. Please feel free to exit the process at any time as you are under no obligation to accept the Line of Credit presented.

For those that do not meet the minimum requirements for a personal Line of Credit, alternative Line of Credit solutions may be offered to you. Rates specified above are not applicable to alternative Line of Credit solutions.

Late or skipped payments: Most lenders apply a late fee for missing the Line of Credit payment deadline or asking to skip a payment. Additional fees may apply so please read the terms presented to you by the lender prior to.

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